Erasmus Programme: studiare in Europa

Il programma Erasmus permetto ogni anno a 200.000 studenti di studiare e lavorare all’estero. Finanziato dalla Comunità Europea, mira a migliorare la mobilità studentesca al fine di formare gli studenti a 360 gradi.

Le parole agli studenti:

“I realised that the experience made a whole new person of me and that I would never look at the world and Europe, my home, as I did before.”

“ERASMUS life for me is about opportunities. Every opportunity I had, I took it and I thank ERASMUS for it.”

“It is true – when you’re in ERASMUS, you find out a lot about yourself.”

“ERASMUS is a lot more than a studying experience. For me it is a way to look at the world with new eyes, to feel and discover new emotions and learn what is not written in the textbooks.”

“If I look at my experience from a distance, I can say that I would definitely do it again, and that apart from (or maybe because of) minor problems along the way, this semester has made me a stronger and more enthusiastic person!”

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